Covid19 vaccine to be tested in Africa- how some Celebrities reacts to the news

Some Nigerian Celebrities and personalities has reacted over the news to test COVID-19 vaccine in Africa

A lot of celebrities are against the statement made by the french doctors to first test the COVID-19 vaccine on Africans

A politician cum lawyer on his tweet concerning this said “my suggest by two French doctors that the Covid 19 vac one should first be tested on Africans is insulting. Are Africans now guinea pigs? Their intention is to use that vaccine to kill millions of people and Africa is their first port of call. They are testing the waters!”he wrote

Big Brother Naija 2019 winner,Mercy Eke also tweeted her opinion on the same issue. She said “It’s funny how racism still exists after many centuriesđŸ¤·#AfricansAreNotLabRats we are not lab rats in Africa”

Davido interaction to the news tweeted” make dem go use the vaccine first for where the cases plenty pass” .

Former BBNaija housemate Natacha Akide also tweeted

“I see no reason why your “Vaccine” should be tested in Africa. Last time I checked Africa has recorded less than 30 death Cases !! Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever #AfricansAreNotLabRats and should never be used as one Take your vaccine else where Racist,” she also tweeted

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