A teenage who murdered pregnant girlfriend has been sentenced to 65 years of imprisonment

A teenager who confessed killing her pregnant girlfriend for waiting too long to tell him about her pregnancy has been sentenced to 65 years in prisonAaron Trejo,an Indiana was sentenced on Tuesday in St Joseph county superior court for killing his 17 years old girlfriend, Brena Roughselang in December 2018 which he pleaded guilty late year for murder and feticideThe authorities said Trejo killed Roughselang,a cheerleader and a junior at Mishawaka High School after she told Trejo she was six month pregnantThe court documents says Trejo who was 16 then and a member of the school’s football team was told he would soon become a father when they were both not ready for the responsibilityHe confessed wrapping her in a plastic bag after he killed her, which he has been planning for about two weeksTrejo confessed stabbing his pregnant girlfriend with a knife and choke him with her scarf after stabbing her then wrapped her on a plastic bag and threw her into a dumpster and further threw the knife and her phone into the river, according to reportHe confessed taking a action of ending her life after because he told him about the pregnancy at a too late to be abortedTrejo received 55 years of imprisonment for murder and an additional 10 years to be served consecutively for feticide. He was given more than a year of credit for time already served

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